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Welcome to Blaise Siwula's web site - A saxophonist, clarinetist and improvising musician in NYC since 1989. The time before was spent in Detroit and San Francisco developing and expanding a language for spontaneous compositions with alto/tenor and soprano saxophones, clarinets and flutes. 

Besides working with amazing musicians in various groups and countries Blaise has been curating a free music series C.O.M.A. at ABC No-Rio on Sundays since 1998.

And recently started his own label - in addition to releases on CIMP, Cadence Jazz Records, Konnex, Art, Ayler Records, re:konstrucKt records and several other independent labels

The first release on NFM"Blaise Siwula Live in London" features tracks from two shows in Dec 2008.

The second is "New York Encuentro" with pianist Katsuyuki Itakura and drummer philosopher Richard Gilman-Opalsky

Followed with "Call Red Dragon" featuring Robyn Siwula violin/viola, Mike Irwin trumpet Dmitry Ishenko bass and Brian Adler drums.

Then "Mérida Encuentro - Merida Swings" (in 7 parts) recorded in Mérida, MX with Blaise Siwula clarinet and alto sax, Armando Martin acoustic and electric guitar, Edgar Caamal drums/percussion and Alvar Canto Torres electric guitar.

On  3-1-2014 - "Sometimes The Journey Is A Vision" by D'istante3 featuring Luciano Troja piano, Giancarlo Mazzù guitar/drumkit/vocals and Blaise Siwula ato/tenor sax and clarinet was released

And the latest Duet recording with drummer Shiro Onuma- “Songs For Albert” is now available on CdBaby.

The photo below is from a  show with Gian Luigi Diana (laptop/electronics), Harvey Valdes (guitar) and Mossa Bildner (vocals) at Spectrum on 11-9-12. We were back there again on Jan 3rd, 2013. Mossa resides now in Brazil and Gian, Harvey and myself are Tesla Coils. We are preparing to release our 2nd cd on Setola Di Maiale.


In October 2012 I was in Germany and Romania for a festival and shows.

The picture below is from Hamburg 10-14-12 Left to Right:
Björn Lücker drums, John Hughes bass, Projection:Zero partner Carsten Radtke guitar and Blaise Siwula sax/cl


And Projection:Zero at CultureFix in NYC 8-4-12


At the end of each C.O.M.A. event on Sunday's there is an open session.

On April 14, 2013 C.o.M.A. hosted the final night of the Cadence Jazz Festival. David Haney invited the performers to participate in his Arkestra which he conducted. Visible players left to right - Matt Lavelle trumpet, Constance Cooper piano, Nora McCarthy voice, John Murchison bass, Blaise Siwula clarinet and David Haney.

Also that night in the Arkestra - Frankie Wilson (tenor), Stan Nishimura (trombone), Jack DeSalvo (cello), Chris Jones (bass), Mark Flynn drums, Diana Wayburn (flute) Oskar Bonstroke (percussion)


Lately I have been spending more time in Mérida, Mexico performing with the "Encuentro" and various artists that pass through performing at the Cha'ak'ab Paaxil free jazz and noise Festivals that happen every 6 month's or so.

Merida Festival 3-14-15

Cha'ak'ab Paaxil


Now there are new collaborations with musicians such as pianist Eric Plaks, Jorge Nuno, Saman Samadi, Hans Tammen.

The Merida Encuentro continues to record and perform in MX.

Looking forward to hooking up bassist Vattel Cherry this May as well

vocalist Ayako Kanda, pianist Luciano Troja.

And my favorite 4tet of improvisors - Stan Nishimura (trombone) Claire de Brunner (bassoon) Evan Gallagher (keyboard).....Straining to the Edge.

Cha'ak'ab Paaxil

Cha'ak'ab Paaxil

Flutes and Gong for Julian

"Songs of Deception" Mérida Encuentro

Released on Setola di Maiale available through nofrillsmusic

now 15.00 domestic 20.00 intnl with shipping via paypal

CD Cover for Songs of Deception

"Time In" Siwula/Plaks

The latest release from NoFrillsMusic. Avaiable from

NoFrillsMusic $15.00 (shipping incl) domestic and $20.00 (shipping incl) international.(paypal) Also

CD Cover for Time In

"Beneath the Ritual"

"Beneath the Ritual" is available on CDBaby as a download and digipak. Also at NoFrillsMusic for 15.00 domestic 20.00 intnl (with shipping) paypalBTR Cover

"Past the Future" Radtke/Siwula/Hertenstein

From NoFrillsMusic for 15.00 domestic 20.00 intnl (ship incl) Available as a download and digipak from cdbaby.

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New CDs on CDBaby from

Just Released: "Songs for Albert"

"Sometimes The Journey Is A Vision"

"Mérida Encuentro - Mérida Swings"

available at CdBaby as a Digital Download and CD
(also iTunes)

Mérida Encuentro - Mérida Swings CD cover

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"The Sun Don't Mind My Singing"

Available Now : "The Sun Don't Mind My Singing" on NachtRecords

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D'ISTANTE3 - available from SLAM productions and CD Baby

Solo Sax at Cross Kings Dec 10 2008

Blaise Siwula & Dom Minasi at the Intar Festival

Recent and distant tracks

Creative Spontaneously Composed Music

Blaise Siwula

"Short Day Short Solos" Solstice 2014

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